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Scholarship Application

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This application is in three parts.
This is to provide anonymity to the applicants.

Part 1 (Personal Contact Information) and Part 2 (Student Application) should be downloaded from the website, SAVED to your hard drive before filling in. After saving the completed documents, attach to the email as separate files (see How to Submit on the Checklist PDF).

Scholarship Application Checklist:

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2024 SCSC Part 1 (Personal Contact Information):

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2024 SCSC Part 2 (Student Application):

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Part 1 (Personal Contact Information) and Part 2 (Student Application) should be downloaded from the website. These pages can be filled in directly; however, you must remember to save your work to your computer. Your saved files will need to be sent via email (see How to Submit on the Checklist PDF).

Part 1 (Personal Contact Information page): Provides all identifying and contact information about the applicant. On this page, in addition to completing the requested information, please assign an Applicant Code (we suggest last 4 digits of applicant’s phone number). This same Code should be used for Part 2 (Student Application). Typed signatures of applicant and parent/guardian acknowledges consent to submit application and all accompanying files.

Part 2 (Student Application): These pages are designed to give the committee a sense of the student's goals and plans to achieve those goals. The student statement is required; the parent statement is recommended but not required. Please remember to include the Code (created for Part 1) on each page.

Part 3: Additional required documents (personal information should be redacted), including:

  1. SAR Report and EFC from FAFSA
    Monetary Award Letter(s) from the college you plan to attend
    Page 1 of Parent/Guardian 2023 1040 income tax return
  2. High school transcript
    Senior course schedule

To facilitate anonymity and security, we ask that all identifying information be redacted from financial and academic attachments prior to submission (names/addresses/social security numbers).

How to Submit
When you are ready to submit your application, send all files to The Subject line should be: Application Code [enter the 4 digit code you created]. All applications must be received by May 17, 2024.

COVID Changes
We will only be accepting applications online, via our dedicated email address