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The Smithtown College Scholarship Committee is a committee of the Smithtown Council of PTAs organization founded to provide scholarships for further education to graduating seniors from Smithtown High School East and West. The organization is comprised of members from the local community and school district.

Who is eligible?
All current graduating seniors who attend Smithtown High School East or West are eligible. Applications must be received by the committee by May 17, 2024.

How are winners selected?
Winners will be selected anonymously by a selection committee comprised of officers and members of the Smithtown College Scholarship Committee. The judges will evaluate eligible students' high school records in relation to their goals, school and community service, financial need, and other significant information. Winners will be notified by early June. No materials will be returned to the candidate.

Financial need is a significant factor in the committee's evaluation. Each applicant must submit page 1 from their parent/guardian 2023 1040 income tax return. Please redact all personal information (name/address/social security number). If you have applied for financial aid, please submit a complete copy of your Student Aid Report (from the FAFSA) and your estimated family contribution page (EFC). You MUST also submit a copy of the award letter from the college you plan to attend.

How much is the scholarship?
Each recipient will receive an equal scholarship. Past awards have been between $1,500 and $3,000. Scholarship checks will be disbursed directly to the student when the committee receives confirmation that the student has been enrolled full time at the school identified in the application.

COVID Changes
We will only be accepting applications online, via our dedicated email address If you wish to apply, please click the link below for instructions and the application.


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